African National Congress (ANC)

ANC of South Africa Considers Potential Allies, Spanning from Free-Market Advocates to Marxists

The African National Congress (ANC) is currently in internal discussions on which parties to engage in order to form South Africa’s next government, with opposing Marxists and free-marketeers being considered.

The ANC lost its majority in the national vote, necessitating the need for coalition due to significant challenges such as poverty, unemployment, inequality, crime, power cuts, and corruption. The new parliament is required to convene by June 16, and among its initial tasks is the selection of the nation’s president.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) positions itself as an advocate for business and free-market principles, advocating for the removal of certain Black empowerment measures endorsed by the ANC, citing their ineffectiveness.

The DA disapproves of this characterization asserting that good governance benefits all South Africans. A committee of 27 ANC officials is scheduled to convene on Tuesday to craft a range of options to present to the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) on Wednesday.

A favored option involves a confidence-and-supply agreement, where the ANC retains executive power, with some IFP positions, while the DA wields influence in parliament.

In this scenario, the DA and IFP would pledge support for the ANC minority government on major decisions in exchange for policy adjustments and involvement in the legislative process.

The next favorable option is a coalition government comprising the ANC, DA, and IFP, although this arrangement runs the risk of losing some ANC backers and challenges in aligning on policies.

The least desirable choice rests with a government of national unity incorporating a broader spectrum of parties, which could lead to instability and potential collapse if any party decides to withdraw, effectively leaving the ANC in a coalition with the EFF and MK parties.

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