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Arrest of Tunisian Activist for Money Laundering Amid Anti-Discrimination Efforts

Saadia Mosbah, a Tunisian anti-discrimination activist, was arrested in connection with a money laundering probe. Mosbah, who leads the Mnemty association, was detained during a search of her residence.

This arrest underscores the increasingly difficult situation faced by migrants and their supporters in Tunisia. It comes as authorities step up monitoring of the coastline, a common departure point for migrants attempting to reach Europe. Tunisian President Kais Saied criticized organizations receiving significant foreign funding as “traitors and agents,” arguing they should not replace the state’s role in migration management and combating human trafficking.

The number of migrants making the perilous Mediterranean Sea crossing has decreased this year due to weather conditions and heightened border security. Human rights organizations warn that these measures have not shielded the tens of thousands of migrants stranded in Tunisia. An NGO report notes a drop in undocumented migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean. Tunisian authorities have reported an increase in interceptions, affecting both Tunisian migrants and those transiting through the country en route to Europe.

European leaders, such as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, are concentrating on migration management to prevent disorder along Italian shores. Despite attempts to combat human trafficking and strengthen border controls, thousands of migrants persist in journeying from Tunisia to Italian islands like Lampedusa.

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