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Did Mary Slessor Truly Ended Twins Killing In Nigeria?

For those that still embrace the story about Mary Slessor ending the killing of Twins… Maybe the people of  Calabar alone accepted this diluted narrative that we were taught in our schools. Mary Slessor did come at the time when twins were forbidden in some parts of Calabar. The killing of twins was a cultural practice among some ethnic groups in Nigeria, predominantly among the Efik people, and some parts of Igbo.
Giving birth to twins was considered a bad omen that could bring devastation or calamity to society. Twin babies were believed not to be humans, and were seen as evil. Prior to her visit, the people of Calabar, some Men and Women from the Efik, Okoyong tribes, and some parts of Nigeria had been fighting back against the menace, rescuing abandoned Twin babies. Mary Slessor, a Scottish missionary in Nigeria, worked among this group of people and fought against it. How then did she alone get the credit for this??
We must dish this kind of historical lies and find out our histories. I have said before, that at the time Slessor visited Nigeria for her Missionary work, where they now said she ended the killing of twins, same time young girls were being unjustly killed in Scotland and England, mostly accused of witchcraft, and some burnt alive. What did she do about this then before embarking on a journey to Nigeria to stop the killing of Twins?
As of today, Nigeria holds the highest record of twin births in the world. Twin birth is common mostly in the Western part of Africa with Nigeria topping the chat. All over Nigeria, twin birth is experienced and a blessing to different tribes. Most conspicuous and undisputed of all is the Igbo-Ora people in Oyo state, they have the highest rate of twin births in the world from inception, and they don’t kill them, but instead see them as Orishas. That Slessor story doesn’t apply to Yoruba people, and definitely not Nigeria. Twins are Orishas in Yoruba land. They’re blessings & precious to the Yoruba people, and many parts of Nigeria.
Nigeria has the highest number of Twins birth in the WORLD, and we’ve always adored twins.

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