Don Jazzy Responds to Regha

Don Jazzy’s Fiery Response to Regha’s Adoption Request

Well-known social media commentator Daniel Regha has urged renowned music executive and record producer Don Jazzy to think about adopting children.

The contentious critic stated that the Mavin chief should think about adopting a kid who would continue his legacy, even if he still chooses not to marry.

He advised Don Jazzy to think about adoption and that his current top priority should be being a parent.

This was what Regha wrote on his X handle,

“Don Jazzy not being married isn’t an issue, not everyone fancy marriage.

“But he should adopt a kid, at least, someone who can preserve & carry on his legacy long after he’s gone.

“Being a dad ought to be among his top priorities right now, adopting is always an option. No offense.”

Clearly offended by Regha’s suggestions, Don Jazzy replied:

“Let me adopt you Daniel since you lack a father figure in your life. A proper nuisance.

It’s all over the media that the father of Don Jazzy, Mr. Collins Enebeli Ajereh, stated in a recent interview that he is not pressuring his 40-year-old son to get married. Further adding that marriage is a personal decision.

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