Coup attempt leader

DRC: Congolese Army Eliminates Leader of Coup Attempt

The Congolese army reported the death of Christian Malanga, the leader of a failed coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and detained about fifty individuals, including three Americans. Gunshots rang out in Kinshasa around 4am when assailants targeted the presidential palace.

Malanga, a former soldier and exiled opposition figure in the US, streamed a live video from the palace on Facebook, issuing threats to President Félix Tshisekedi. General Sylvain Ekenge confirmed the assault, but it remained uncertain whether President Felix Tshisekedi was present during the attack.

In another incident, an attack took place at the residence of Vital Kamerhe, a prominent parliamentarian poised to be the next Speaker, resulting in the deaths of two guards and one assailant. The violence extended beyond the borders of the DRC, with a projectile launched from Kinshasa hitting Brazzaville, the capital of neighboring Republic of Congo, causing injuries to several people.

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