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How Obi Was Used to Divide The Nation, Giving False Hope – Ayo Oni

Every sane person knows that the general elections conducted by INEC in February and March were a joke and should be rejected by the citizens in a mega protest. The country was so tense and ripe for a revolution, the government in power had its heart skipping because they didn’t know what to expect; they set their men in uniform to be on high alert and held on to the fact that the man that seems to have more noise around him was not different from them and would never go the route of a revolution, and they were right.

Your oppressors cheated you, then asked you to go to court, what do you think would happen in the court exactly? Before the election, during the elections, and after the elections there were opportunities to say a final no to this system and demand a better one. Still, Obi used his Obidents to calm all efforts. They were threatening people not to protest and in the same breadth saying they and Obi are the revolution that Nigeria needs. Many of us corrected the illusion, but they would not listen. How can the word revolution be placed near an Obi who has not done any resistance in his life, but eaten and dined with the elites, just as he is one.

If Obi had teamed up with Atiku, they would be the ones oppressing us today as Tinubu is doing. Obi and the Obidents romance all our present and past oppressors, including IBB and OBJ, who give them little or full support. They were ready to eat it with the devil to get what they wanted, and they didn’t even bother to use a long spoon. For Obi, Immediately after the elections influencers left him, Hustle was over. Kate and Okey Bakassi even went to do MC for APC. Now today Obidents are leaving him as he gave them a final blow with his watery speech saying they would postpone the revolution. How pathetic.

Obi was used to dividing the nation and giving false hope during the elections and finally he was used to calm down the revolution even after the elections, by giving the people false hope in court. While Nigerians were distracted by court cases from Tribunal to Supreme, APC was matching their evil policies on every areas and sectors in the country. Unlike Obi we would never tell Nigerians to postpone the revolution, because the #RevolutionNow Is now. It is left for Nigerians to take it. Now that the biggest and richest and most aggressive rigger has rigged at the polls, tribunal and supreme, can we Nigerians who lost come together and fight this regime squarely till we can send them packing, and not only them, every of the ruling elites that have ruined our lives.

This oppressive system would never change until we all revolt and up turn the system. Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor is a must in the play book of APC. That is exactly what Tinubu did in Lagos for 8 years. Anyway, enough of my talking, go and enjoy the interview l did after the elections.


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