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Malian Political Parties Defy Junta’s Ban, Vow Legal Challenge

Malian political parties and civil society groups have rejected the military junta’s order to suspend political activities and have vowed to mount a legal challenge.

Tensions in Mali have risen since a 2020 coup, leading major parties and organizations to call out the junta on March 31 for not scheduling elections within the promised time frame. The authorities issued a decree suspending all activities by political parties and groups on the grounds of maintaining public order.

Also, the signatories to the declaration said they rejected the decree and would challenge it in court and refuse to participate in any government activity, including ongoing national talks.

The authorities have also ordered television, print, and other media in Mali to stop broadcasting or publishing reports on the activities of political parties and groups.

The current junta seized power in a second coup in 2021 and promised to restore civilian rule by March 2024 following elections in February.

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