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Modernization Or Development; Which Is Key For Africa?

For centuries they’ve sold us lies because it is their lingua, but if you translate to ours you will understand well, especially in Yoruba which I believe is the most complete language in the world having existential meanings to whatever you could think of. They disguised modernization as a synonym for development, but indeed, modernization is the change in the outward appearance, while development is the actual growth in its entirety.
Modernization is whatever you call it to be, development is what it is. You can be modernized and not be developed. When it comes to Nation-building, a country can not be awakened beyond the consciousness of its citizens, likewise a country can not develop without the growth of its citizens. These Political elites, the Capitalists, Bourgeoises & Fascists with all their professionals across the globe, will do all they can to pitch modernization to you, and deprive you of development. Whilst the Socialists has always been about developing the people first. This is why a Sowore in power need to be supported, as he is the only presidential candidate in both the 2019 and 2023 general election that fit into this Pan-Africanist socialist ideology.
We must choose development over modernization. Modernization is the signs or symbols of development, development is in the social-economic empowerment of the people. Will give you an example of Sri -Lanka, a beautiful place right? Aside the economic woes, that placed the ppl of Sri Lanka in abject poverty, A fraction of Sri Lanka is owned by the China. In fact a major port city in Sri Lanka is controlled by the Chinese government.  Is that development?

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