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NGOs Call for End to Communications Blackouts Amid Sudan’s Conflict

Sudan’s military and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces have been locked in a conflict for more than a year, leading to the deaths of thousands and the devastation of the nation’s infrastructure.

94 NGOs, such as Access Now, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and the International Rescue Committee, have demanded an end to collective punishment and the reinstatement of life-saving communication networks.

This conflict has severely hampered civilians’ ability to deal with its repercussions and hindered aid workers’ efforts to provide vital assistance. Both factions have frequently targeted telecommunication infrastructure or imposed bureaucratic barriers, leaving millions of Sudanese without access to crucial support systems.

The majority of Sudan’s 48 million inhabitants require humanitarian assistance, mainly coordinated by grassroots volunteers who depend on costly and limited satellite internet connections.

Since the conflict erupted, most Sudanese have been without regular pay. In February, a nationwide telecommunications blackout left nearly 30 million Sudanese without communication for over a month.

Both parties are urged to ensure uninterrupted communication services and support the restoration of damaged systems.

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