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Political Oppression and Tragedy in Rwanda: A Case of Mystery

Anne Rwigara is dead.

The Rwigara family, which happens to be the strongest opposition to Kigame, is dying mysteriously under Paul Kigame.

Anne’s sister was jailed for wanting to be president; the family was tamed for opposing Kigame; their father was one of the most wealthy businessmen in Rwanda before his unfortunate demise.

He owned several hotels and a tobacco business in Rwanda.

He also died mysteriously after showing interest in running against Kigame.

I posted here early this month a brief on Kigame’s atrocities, how he has either illegally jailed political oppositions or allegedly killed those that could unseat him from power despite holding on to power for over 23 years, and more so, his alleged influence in the illegal mining and killings going on in Dr. Congo.

The end of Paul Kigame’s Rwanda is close.

When this happens, in solidarity with those he hurts while leaking the asses of the slave masters to remain in power, his entirety will be tossed in the dustbin of history, sealed with the lid of a murderer legacy. ~OIA✊🏽

Now you know why Anne Rwigara’s death is shrouded in mystery

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