Sudan: Activists Report Over 100 Killed by RSF in Village Attack

At least 100 individuals perished, and numerous were wounded in the assault by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on a settlement in Gezira province, Sudan.

The victims included women, children, and the elderly who were specifically targeted in the attack. A local organization in Wad Madani accused the RSF of utilizing heavy weaponry to besiege and assault the settlement. Additionally, the Madani Resistance Committee claimed that the RSF pillaged Wad al-Noura during the assaults.

The Sudanese interim government denounced the offensive and urged the global community to hold the RSF accountable. The RSF claimed that the Sudanese military was planning to strike their forces in Jabal al-Awliya by coordinating Sudanese armed units at three bases.

The paramilitary faction asserted that they attacked three encampments west, north, and south of Wad-al-Noura, engaging in skirmishes with the Sudanese military. The conflict between the RSF and the Sudanese military has resulted in more than 14,000 fatalities, thousands wounded, and hundreds of thousands displaced.

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