Tanzania Launches its First Emergency Operation and Communication Centre

Tanzania has unveiled its first Emergency Operation and Communication Center (EOCC) Situation Room, a key step in the nation’s disaster resilience efforts.

Operating under the African Union’s Africa Multi-Hazard Early Warning and Early Action System (AMHEWAS) Programme, the EOCC Situation Room will merge real-time data on present and emerging risks with historical disaster information to issue prompt forecasts and bulletins.

These resources, overseen and backed by the Prime Minister’s Office, seek to prompt protective measures that preserve lives, safeguard livelihoods, and protect economic sectors.

This Situation Room will enable Tanzania to anticipate various disasters like floods and droughts, devising strategies for prevention, recovery, and enhanced information dissemination to stakeholders.

UNDRR has pledged to aid Tanzania in fully operationalizing the new EOCC Situation Room, including organizing a workshop to educate national officials on utilizing an open-source system for real-time monitoring and forecasting of natural hazards.

The Tanzanian EOCC Situation Room will be linked with the AMHEWAS network, bolstering cross-border collaboration to tackle shared threats.

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