Togo political crisis

Togo’s Political Crisis: Government Crackdown Sparks Fear and Tension

Togo’s government has ruled the country for almost 60 years, a move that has heightened tensions. The government has halted parliamentary elections and arrested nine opposition activists for political activities at a market. The protests are deemed illegal and will disturb public order.

The proposed constitution, passed in late March, grants parliament the power to choose the president, eliminating direct elections. Opposition fears this could lead to President Faure Gnassingbe being reelected when his mandate expires in 2025. The government’s response to opposition protests has been forceful and heavy-handed, with fearful and distrustful people responding to the opposition’s call for protests.

Togo, a nation of around 8 million people, has been ruled by the same family for 57 years. The constitution introduces a one-term limit and hands greater power to a new figure similar to a prime minister. Opposition fears the creation of a new role, the president of the council of ministers, could be another way for Gnassingbe to stay in power.

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