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It’s Time for Everyone to Speak Up For Congo

No matter what we do, please remember to speak up for Congo. These evils inflicted on the Congolese people by Western privilege have to stop.A systemic distraction is going on here; the AU cannot tell us they aren’t aware of what is going on in Congo.

Congo has never recovered or healed from the bleeding that was overseen by Leopold, the worst ever in human history. According to Canadian Dimensions, the Rwandan government, under Paul Kigame, H&B Mining, MSA, etc., is helping to perpetrate this evil.

We must speak up against the forceful and illegal mining going on in Congo; the whole Congolese government profits from this madness. No matter how beautiful Paul Kigame wants to make Rwanda look, it should not be at the expense of the powerless Congolese people.

No matter how the world thinks they can realise whatever renewable energy is, it should never be at the expense of human lives. CONGO IS BLEEDING, AND THIS MUST END.

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