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The Compromised Justice System: Revolution or Disunity

If the CJN can make this statement, one could say the Justice system is already overwhelmed. The level of compromise in the Nigeria Justice system has further spread like cancer, and there is absolutely no way one can rely on these sets of Judges to deliver absolute Justice for the masses.

Law & Justice are two different things, what we experience in Nigeria is that those in that system are using the same Law to perpetuate INJUSTICE. “There is nothing far worse than a compromised Judge overseeing a process that should bring about JUSTICE”.

Across the globe, Judges are taught to have best character and integrity. The moment a Judge is compromised, justice is redefined, stripping humanity off the common man.

We are in trouble, the only way out of this is REVOLUTION. As of today, Nigeria seem more divided than ever, though we’ve never been united. How then can we have a Revolution? Can Nigeria ever unite?

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