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The Fight for Ownership: Who Owns Lagos?

I put this blame on our Rulers that once ended the learning of history in our schools. What exactly is in Lagos that ye all want to own?

The Nri people can’t directly claim it, so they came up with the fallacy that it is no man’s land. As that didn’t work, they gathered to push the narrative to support some Bendels now Benins.

Make we forget Lagos for a sec, who do ye all think even owns Nigeria, the former Royal Niger Company? Any way on Oko, now Eko, it is with no iota of doubt that it is a Yoruba land that is currently infested with Political touts.

If Benins claim they own Lagos, then Ife owns Benin. How is this: The first Oba of Benin is Eweka the first son of Oranmiyan from Ile-Ife. Many centuries ago, Benin never had any Obas; their rulers were called Ogiso, it was the Yorubas, particularly Oranmiyan that bestowed upon them the name Oba after crowning his son Eweka to rule them and keep them at peace.

Back in those days, taking over kingdoms, and empires for expansion & dominance was the order of the day, despite this, the Ile-Ife, Oyo empire & Benins never fought themselves, instead they conquered other smaller regions that were once ruled by their ancestral brothers, sons of Okanbi, the only son of ODUDUWA.

Ile-Ife once ruled over Modakeke, Benin once conquered some parts of Oko, now Eko, and Ibadan also conquered Osogbo, Ekiti etc before the Kiriji war, the longest civil war in the history of Nigeria that eventually settled the leadership dispute across Yoruba lands.

Today, these sub-tribes would never want war as they historically understood the outcome. What is it then about Eko that some people are trynna push? As of today, the British hypothetically own Lagos or over half of it, the same British who conquered the Benins who were involved in the slave trading of our people mostly the Aworis the original settlers of Eko.

The Oyo empire is not exempted… So guys, let’s call a spade a spade, historically, we were never united as a people, but as of today, we are even more divided & we may never be united, no thanks to the last election.

Instead of us wasting time, fighting over who owns where, we must put an end to these socio-distractions & team up politically to hold these rulers accountable. ~OIA ✊

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