Joseph Boakai

Liberian President Cuts Salary by 40%

Liberian President Joseph Boakai has announced a 40% cut in his annual salary, from $13,400 to $8,000, in response to public concerns over government salaries and the increasing cost of living in the country. The goal is to set an example of responsible governance and stand in solidarity with the people of Liberia.

This reduction mirrors that of his predecessor, George Weah, who also decreased his salary by 25%. While some applaud the decision, others question its impact, noting that the president still enjoys perks such as a daily allowance and medical coverage.

Anderson D. Miamen from the Centre of Transparency and Accountability in Liberia described the pay cut as “positive” and stressed the importance of leadership beginning at the top. Likewise, W. Lawrence Yealue II praised the move and expressed hope that President Boakai’s benefits would be reassessed in the upcoming budget. Boakai has additionally committed to empowering Liberia’s Civil Service Agency to ensure equitable compensation for public servants.

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