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Tinubu Administration Releases Q3 2023 Budget Report Following Pressure from SaharaReporters Over Fiscal Act Breach

Investigation revealed that the Tinubu administration has not released budget performance reports since assuming office, contrary to legal obligations.

The Nigerian Government recently published the first quarter report of President Bola Tinubu’s tenure, spanning June to September 2023. This publication comes after a delay highlighted by SaharaReporters, noting the administration’s legal requirement for prompt reporting.

The absence of budget performance reports under the Tinubu administration signifies a break from precedent, marking the first instance since 2015 of such negligence.

These reports are pivotal for transparency and accountability, offering insights into governmental utilization of public funds and resource allocation. The federal government is mandated to issue quarterly expenditure and revenue reports, typically accessible on the Budget Office’s platform.

SaharaReporters exposed the failure of the Tinubu administration to release budget performance reports, violating the Fiscal Responsibility Act mandating the Ministry of Finance to publish reports within 30 days after each quarter. The federal government’s non-disclosure of reports for the fourth quarter of 2023 and the initial quarter of 2024 continues a transparency deficit in financial reporting.

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