OYSIEC Rejects AAC’s Request for Election Materials, Alleges Electoral Fraud – AAC Lawyer Fights Back

The Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission (OYSIEC) has rejected the African Action Congress (AAC) lawyer’s request for access to materials used in the council elections. The AAC had asked for the Certified True Copies of all electoral materials utilized in the councillorship election conducted on April 27, 2024.

The party sought documents like the Statement of Results, Ballot papers, Voters registers, and Forms EC8A, EC8A (1), EC8B, EC8(1), EC8C, EC8E, and EC8E(1).

Michael Akinwunmi, Esq of FOLEGAL, the AAC lawyer, contended that the commission had declined to provide the requested materials, preventing the AAC legal team from inspecting them before contesting the election outcomes.

The AAC alleged that the state electoral body and the PDP had colluded in a “display of disgrace and a significant electoral fraud,” stating that Babayomi was apprehended and held by the police while overseeing the council election in the state.

The AAC is asking for the materials to be handed over to allow sufficient time for inspection before challenging the election results.

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