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Public Transportation Challenges in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Rush hour in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital, results in gridlocked streets and a struggle for public transport to and from work. The city relies on road transport, with 14-seater mini-buses being the most common but slow due to lack of dedicated lanes. Motorcycle taxis are preferred for their ability to navigate traffic.

Students, particularly those coming from Wilberforce, face challenges due to late arrivals for classes. To modernize public transportation, Freetown recently acquired 50 buses under the Integrated and Resilient Urban Mobility Project, a collaboration between the World Bank and the government of Sierra Leone.

However, Alpha Amadu Bah, president of the drivers and transport workers union, believes that the buses are too few to make a significant difference. The ministry of transport is exploring more solutions to reduce the public transportation crisis, including changes to fares paid by commuters.

The ministry is also exploring alternative solutions, such as a flat rate initially, but as graduates graduate, fares will be paid based on the distance covered.

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