Rwandan Involvement in the DRC Conflict: Unveiling the M23 Insurgency and Its Implications

A UN report reveals that 3,000 to 4,000 Rwandan soldiers are backing M23 rebels in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where President Kigali wields significant influence.

The M23 insurgency has controlled North Kivu province since late 2021, capturing vast areas of land and establishing a parallel authority in the territories under its dominion.

The UN Security Council asserts that Rwanda’s “de facto control and coordination of M23 activities” renders Rwanda accountable for the actions of M23. The Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) was instrumental in the expansion into Nyiragongo, Rutshuru, and Masisi regions between January and March 2024.

Additionally, the UN report discloses the enlistment of minors as young as 12 from refugee camps in Rwanda to undergo training in rebel zones under Rwandan and M23 supervision.

Kigali perceives the presence of the group in eastern DR Congo as a threat and has urged against external interference in the conflict-stricken nation.

Furthermore, the UN report highlights that the DRC government has incorporated various armed groups in North Kivu, such as the FDLR, to confront M23 and RDF.

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