South Sudan peace talks

South Sudan Peace Talks at Risk Over New Security Law Before First Election

South Sudan peace talks are close to conclusion, but opposition groups are pushing for a bill allowing detention without an arrest warrant to be included in the proposed agreement. The South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance, negotiating for the government, insists that the signing of the National Security Act would hold no meaning if done solely by the president.

The bill, seen as a violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of South Sudanese citizens, restricts civil and political space, jeopardizing peace and democracy. Edmund Yakani, executive director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, criticized the bill and urged for its dismissal.

Human Rights Watch has urged President Salva Kiir to refuse the bill, warning that it would further erode human rights and empower national security agencies. The discussions have led to a draft agreement suggesting an extension of the transitional period and a postponement of the election to finalize the constitution and electoral laws.

Some Western envoys also propose a delay in the elections to ensure a fair and transparent process. Despite this, Kiir remains firm on holding the election in December and has rebuked the envoys.

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