Afrobeat vs. Afrobeats
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Afrobeat vs. Afrobeats: Unveiling the Rhythmic Essence of African Music

The music industry is grappling with the debate between Afrobeat and Afrobeats.

Recall that Wizkid recently came out to tell his fans that his genre of music is not Afrobeat, noting that he is not an Afrobeat artist.

Fans of both genres have expressed their opinions on social media, with some arguing for a greater appreciation of Afrobeat’s roots and others defending its evolution.

Africa has many genre of music: There is nothing like Afrobeats in that list. List of some popular Africa music genre are: Afrobeat, Rumba, Highlife, Makosa, Mapouka, Amapiano, Jazz, Juju, Fuji etc.

Afrobeats is not in a genre of music, there is no music percussion peculiar to define the sound, but Afrobeat is. ~OIA

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