Escalating Violence in Eastern DR Congo Exacerbates Hunger Crisis

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s conflict-driven hunger crisis is worsening as violence in the eastern province surges, forcing families to flee once again. The M23 rebel group, the most dominant in the region, has continued to attack villages, forcing many to flee to Goma, the region’s largest city.

As security forces fight the insurgents, the bloodshed in the area has been worse in recent weeks. About 23.4 million people, or nearly 25% of the country’s total population, are at risk of starvation or worse. Many people have little to no access to food, healthcare, and education, and they live in impoverished, claustrophobic conditions.

However, the deepening hunger crisis is particularly concerning for women and girls, particularly those living in IDP camps, where they face constant threats from sexual violence. Funding shortages mean WFP is forced to choose who gets food and who goes without, especially in the east where humanitarian needs and conflict are surging. WFP needs US$ 548.5 million to keep comprehensive operations in the DRC.

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