Untold Tales Of The Mundari Tribe & Their Cows

The Mundari tribe of South Sudan are mostly known to be herders, this tribe loves their Cows more than anything in the World. This tribe careless of how much you’ve got in your bank accounts, they only rate wealth as per how many Cattle you’ve got in your herds.

South Sudan is not only known for cows but it is also known as the home of some international models & celebrities as well. Apart from Ethiopia, and Chad, South Sudan has the largest cattle herds in Africa, and one of the largest herds in the world, thanks to the Mundari Tribe.

The lifestyle of the Mundari tribe in South Sudan evolves around their cattle: cattle serve as food, a form of currency, and a mark of status in the community. In most cases, men will sleep in the middle of the herds to protect them from any danger. In a bid to attract their women, the Mundari men go as far as bathing their hair in cow urine, this is regarded as a precious resource as it gives the hair a yellowish-orange colour which is something that their women admire so much and often fall in love with a man who has such hair.

In South Sudan it is estimated that there are over 32 million cattle which is believed to be among the highest number in Africa, the number of cattle you own determines your wealth and not the amount of cash in your bank account. The Mundari tribe values their cattle more than anything else, they treat them as if they were members of their families, as they rely on them for basically everything.

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