Hannatu Musawa

Creating 10 Percent GDP with Nigeria’s Creative Sector

The Nigerian government aims to create 10% of the country’s GDP by expanding the creative sector’s GDP to $100bn by 2030. Minister of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy, Hannatu Musawa, stated that the government will create a conducive environment for growth and investment.

The vision for the creative sector is built upon five key pillars: a conducive environment for growth and investment, protection of creative rights, intellectual property, and economic rights, a deep dive into every creative sub-sector, a robust economic plan aimed at creating millions of jobs, and a focus on fostering greater participation and collaboration in the private sector.

In order to foster and enhance creative ventures and enterprises, the Nigerian government is also concentrating on offering whole ecosystem assistance.

The Destination 2030, Nigeria Everywhere initiative will promote Nigeria’s culture and showcase creators globally, establishing Nigeria as the leading global hub for arts, culture, and creativity.

Musawa emphasized that each individual’s creativity and passion are indispensable to this narrative, and their collective efforts will enrich the lives of Nigerians and inspire generations to come.

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