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The Rise of the BAT: A Threat to Nigeria’s Future

It was in Ife that I learned that bats are the only flying mammals; hence, they are not in the family of birds. In the OAU, I can say that is where you can find the largest gathering of bats; if not in the world, it will definitely be Africa.

Bats cover the sky, such that everywhere becomes almost dark. If you are new to the campus, it could appear scary, like in vampire movies. However, there are two types of these bats: the ones that fly during the day [fruit bats] and the ones that fly at night [vampire bats].

Hunters come in to hunt these bats as they could be life-threatening to students, but we survived and reside with them either way. Unfortunately, no one knew there was going to be a third BAT outside campus, the BAT.
This bat, like the vampire bat, is a blood sucker and hunger inflicted.

The only difference is that one feeds on animal blood, not humans, while the other later feeds on both, with his evil political decisions disregarding our basic needs and asking us to sacrifice more for their greed. Soon, on this mandate, Nigerians will stand, and this BAT will fall ~OIA.

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