The First Slave Traders That Invaded Africa
The First Slave Traders That Invaded Africa
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The First Slave Traders That Invaded Africa

This is the unpopular story of the first slave traders in Africa. Holistically, The Sub-Saharan Slave trade that took place was an act by Arabic slave traders before the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, when Europeans invaded. Before the Sub-Saharan slave trade took place, the Arab slave traders(I.e Persians- Now called Iranians, Syrians, Mesopotamians-Now Iraq) had invaded and conquered all the empires in the Northern part of Africa apart from Tunisia (Carthage) that had already been defeated by the Romans.

The people of Barbers used to be predominantly the original settlers in the Northern part of  Africa, and some parts of Eastern Africa like Sudan.

The first foreign invaders on African soil at the time Africa was called Alkebulan were the Romans. Rome attacked and conquered Carthage now Tunisia. From the middle of the 3rd century to the middle of the 2nd century BC, Carthage was engaged in a series of wars with Rome. These wars, which are known as the Punic Wars, ended in the complete defeat of Carthage by Rome and the expansion of Roman control in the Mediterranean world. However, prior to the war that ended the mighty people of Carthage, the Barbers, The people of Carthage has been involved in an undated war with the Greeks. From the Greek to the Roman empire, Europe has always been into slavery, enslaving themselves for Land expansion and labor acquisition. At some point, Rome in business with Greece at the time invaded a part of Africa, Tunisia, formally known as Carthage.

After conquering Carthage, the Romans went ahead to name the land Afru-ika, coined from the Barbers words meaning “Motherland”; the Greek word aphrike, meaning “without cold”; and the Latin word aprica, meaning “sunny.”

Aside from the Roman invasion of Carthage, the ultimate slave trade boom that led to the massive invasion and conquering of almost all African countries was the Arab slave trade. In the course of the Mesopotamians, and Persians slave trade, the ultimate slave trade boom in Africa, I.e. the Arab slave trade, started from the Islamization of Egypt & the taking over of Algeria from the Berbers. This slave trade led to the Islamization of the Northern part of Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya etc.

The Arab/ Islamic Slave Trade was the first major foreign slave trade that happened on African soil


Arab slave trade continued & came into Sub-Saharan Africa. Arabs created the path for the Europeans after over 100 years of the Arabian slave trade in Africa.

From inception, Africa has always been the source of living for others. The Arab slave trade played a major role in African history. The Arab slavery which started as early as 7th century lasted for almost 13 centuries. Africa had already been broken by the set of slavers long before Europeans did theirs. Africa was first shared by the Arabians, battered and broken, then after the Europeans which lasted for over 6 centuries. Till date, Africa is still at the mercy of both the later and former slavers. Those who destroyed our lands and minds, stole our resources but could not destroy our souls do not have any moral stand to judge our present day reflection. We as Africans must however do our best to break thru all odds, and build back Motherland, whilst we demand for reparation as applicable in all forms by both parties involved, both Europeans, and Arabians.


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