Abuja State House

FG to Digitalise Abuja State House & Lagos State Offices

In 2024, the State House and Lagos State offices would be digitalized thanks to a N10 billion investment planned by President Bola Tinubu’s administration in Nigeria.

The project, titled “Full Digitalization of The Entire State House And Lagos State Offices And Quarters,” was listed in the proposed 2024 Appropriation Bills. The Chief of Staff office also earmarked N290 million for the purchase of vehicles for the Chief of Staff and N10 billion for the renovation of Dodan Barracks Presidential Lodge and Vice President Quarters in Lagos.

Additionally, the government set aside N290,000,000 for the Chief of Staff’s office car purchases and N120,000,000 for the restoration of military cemeteries.

President Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima have earmarked N10.13 billion for meals and travel, with Tinubu spending N638.5 million on local trips and N6.9 billion on foreign trips, totaling N7.6 billion.

The budget plan also includes N33.6 million for refreshments and meals for the President and N254.2 million for food and catering supplies.

This news was generated from a news reported on Sahara Reporters

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