Malnutrition Crisis

Urgent Call for Action: Malnutrition Crisis Grips Zamzam Camp in North Darfur

The Zamzam camp in North Darfur is facing high levels of malnutrition due to insufficient humanitarian aid and a lack of care and food. Nearly 300,000 people have been displaced by the war in Sudan, with children being the most affected.

The camp is located 15 kilometers south of El Fasher, the capital of the state. Jean Guy Vataux, chief of the MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES (MSF) mission in Sudan, described the situation as “truly catastrophic” with a mortality rate almost ten times higher than expected and two and a half times higher than the emergency rate. One in four children are acutely malnourished, and 7% are in a state of severe acute malnutrition.

MSF has called for mass mobilization and a rapid humanitarian response to save lives. An estimated one child is dying every two hours from the malnutrition crisis in the Zamzam camp. The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged the international community to mobilize and do everything possible to stop the war in Sudan, which has killed at least 12,000 people and sent over 7 million fleeing their homes.

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