Albania asylum seeker deal

Albania’s Controversial Asylum Seeker Deal with Italy Sparks Criticism

Albania’s parliament approved a five-year deal to hold thousands of asylum seekers for Italy, despite protests from opposition lawmakers and human rights groups.

Some asylum seekers currently sheltering in Tunis consider Albania not their destination, while others are open to going to Albania, especially those fleeing war or repression in their own countries. Under the deal, Albania would shelter up to 3,000 migrants rescued from international waters at any one time.

The number of asylum seekers sent to Albania could reach up to 36,000 in a year. The deal, endorsed by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, has been widely criticized by rights groups.

The agreement, signed in November between Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni, is part of Meloni’s efforts to share the burden of addressing migration with other European countries.

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